Thursday, November 13, 2014

Watercolor Wreath

Hello everyone!  I'm back with another Christmas card from the OCC Holiday Workshop to share.  On day three they focused on watercolor.  I have never really been good with watercoloring, but I am growing more and more fond of it.  Dawn from WPlus9 did a lovely watercolor wreath card using a stamp.   I didn't have the stamp she used, but I did have Remarkable Wreath from CTMH.   Here's my version of her card.

I loved the way she made her own wooden background simply with a paintbrush and watercolor.  This was my first attempt and I thought it turned out pretty well.  I took my color cues from what she had used.   Everything is done with Distress Markers.  For the wreath I colored right on to the stamp and then used my brush to soften the lines, just as she did.  My ornaments didn't turn out too well.  They look a little more like berries, which is ok, too.   I went back in the end with the fine tip of my marker and added a few more pine needles and then with my white gel pen for some highlights.

I really wanted a red bow, but as you can see I didn't get one.  Out of all the ribbon I have in this house, I don't have any red?  I don't see how, but I couldn't find any so the gold had to do.  I really like the idea Dawn had about creating your watercolor piece and then scanning it and printing it.  If you only had a few to do, this might not be so bad.  But for mass production without printing, I think I would

That's it for me tonight.  Thanks for stopping by!

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