Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Studio J Layout #4

Almost done with my Studio J layout posts.  This is the fourth of five layouts I was doing for my convention homework.  This one I did exactly like they did.  I made the ribbon out of a forward slashes (which I must say is a lot of trouble, but does look really neat).  I chose the colors they chose.  I did everything just as they did. My pictures were even similar.  I worked on it for quite a while, then I changed my mind   I actually made two seperate layouts with the same pictures, some of the same techniques, but totally different paper kits.  I wish I could show you both and see which you liked better.  But, I had to delete one to make my order.  Otherwise, I would have had 2 layouts with the same exact pictures.  All in all, I think I will be more pleased with the one I chose.  I am the one who will be looking at it for years to come anyway.   Here it is:

The assignment was as follows:

Kit:  Magic Moments
Pattern:  Powerful Trio
  • Using a My Stickease image to make a border
  • Creating a layered ribbon bow
  • Creating striped ribbon using a text box
Well, I did the first one.  I did the last two on the layout I deleted.  This paper pack was just more fun to me.  This kit is Splash Zone and the pattern is Powerful Trio.  I did use a My Stickease image to create the borders under the title and journaling. And that's about it.  Although this kit also had tags in the My Stickease tags that resembled that of the other kit.  That tiled border at the top was just too cute not to use, so I didn't have anywhere to put the striped border they wanted us to create.   I just couldn't help myself.   

Thanks for stopping by and come back by tomorrow for the last layout.  Happy Scrapping!

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